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No, Quebec will not have more powers in immigration, says Trudeau

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Mar15,2024

No, Quebec will not have more powers in immigration, says Trudeau

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The Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, offered an end of inadmissibility on Friday to his Quebec counterpart, François Legault, who has been calling for several years for more powers in matters of immigration, a shared jurisdiction.

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No, Quebec will not have more powers in immigration, says Prime Minister Justin Trudeau after his meeting with François Legault.

Questioned Friday after a meeting with the Prime Minister of Quebec, François Legault, Justin Trudeau closed the door to any transfer of additional powers to the government of Quebec regarding immigration.

Faced with a massive wave of temporary immigration which is putting pressure on Quebec public services, Prime Minister François Legault declared earlier this week that' he would take advantage of this meeting to demand full powers in matters of immigration.

Known for his verbal convolutions at press conferences, Justin Trudeau was very clear this time when asked the question.

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Justin Trudeau has ruled out granting more power to Quebec in matters of immigration, believing that Quebec already holds more powers in immigration than all the other provinces in the country.

No, we are not going to give more power to immigration.

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Quebec already has more power in immigration than any other province because it is very important to protect French, continued the Prime Minister.

What interests me is making the system work in a better way. It is not a question of who has control of what, argued Justin Trudeau. It's not a question of skills or Constitution, it's a question of arriving at solutions.

Claiming to have had a very productive meeting with his Quebec counterpart, Justin Trudeau said he discussed not only immigration, but also health and economic growth.

With regard to the billion dollars that Quebec is asking from Ottawa in compensation for the sums committed by the province to take care of the tens of thousands of asylum seekers who flock to Quebec each year, Justin Trudeau recognized that Quebec has been doing more than its share when it comes to asylum seekers for a long time.

Without committing to paying the entire amount requested by Quebec, he nevertheless recognized the pressure that this charge exerts not only on the province's finances, but also on its health and education systems.

< p class="StyledBodyHtmlParagraph-sc-48221190-4 hnvfyV">Assuring that there would be compensation for Quebec, Prime Minister Trudeau declared that the figures would be discussed at a working meeting.

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François Legault sits alongside Justin Trudeau during their interview, which took place in Montreal.

Since an agreement concluded with Ottawa in 1991, the Quebec government has itself managed the entry volume of its future permanent residents and economic immigrants. Quebec also has the responsibility to ensure their integration and francization.

The federal government must, however, take care of welcoming refugees, family reunification and all issues related to citizenship.

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