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Netflix wants to ensure your comfort with this big change

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun7,2024

Market leader streaming video, Netflix can count on its films and series   ; success in attracting more and more subscribers. But in order not to lose them, you have to think about it. their comfort. And there it is that the new upgrade occurs; day announced by the platform.

Netflix wants to ensure your comfort with this big change

netflix is ​​starting &àgrave; day for the comfort of its subscribers

Like all streaming platforms, Netflix can rely on certain strong titles to attract new subscribers and continue to retain old ones, but must also deal with films and series that flop. With the various controversies and in particular the regular increases in the prices charged, it can therefore be difficult not to scare away subscribers. Ensuring their comfort and facilitating their navigation on the platform is therefore a key challenge. do not neglect. Well aware of this, Netflix has announced that the interface of the application on television had largely been improved. reworked.

From Currently, a small portion of Netflix subscribers can discover the new interface imagined by the company, in order to give it feedback.If this test phase is conclusive, the implementation &àgrave; The day should gradually spread to the rest of the world.But what exactly does this fairly significant overhaul bring to TV? Let's look back together at the new features and changes made.

Netflix wants to ensure your comfort with this big change

the new interface of the application on TV

With its new interface on TV, Netflix changes the position of the submenu bar, located for six years on the left. Now you will find the options “Search” (magnifying glass), “Home”, “Shows”, “Movies” and “My Netflix” at the top of the screen. “My Netflix” allows is a new menu on the TV application(already present on mobile), in which you can more easily find the programs that you have started. or want to watch, and formerly collected in “My List”. It is also at; This place that Netflix will offer you personalized selections according to your tastes.

Netflix wants to ensure your comfort with this big change< /p>

Other new feature major feature of this new interface on TV:staying on a program on the home page will allow you to view a short extract. Information about the program in question, and in particular its synopsis, will also be displayed more clearly, in order to facilitate readability. Also with this in mind, the differences Annuities categories (Horror, Fantasy, Comedy…) are now accessible from the “Search” tab, so as not to overload the main interface. Enough to make you want to relaunch Netflix on your TV?

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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