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Netflix: these cult animated films will be entitled to a spin-off in 2025

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun7,2024

Perhaps you are one of those people who are fed up with countless remakes, prequels, and other spin-offs in the world of cinema and television. If so, sorry. for you: Netflix has just announced the arrival of a series based on animated films well-known.

Netflix: these cult animated films will be entitled to a a spin-off in 2025

netflix unveils this unexpected spin-off

This Thursday, June 6, Netflix announced a list of films and animated series available come to the streaming platform.The proposals are eclectic, and we can notably cite a seriesSponge Bob,about which you will find all the dé tails here. Among the other announcements that caught our attention, let's also mention this totally unexpected spin-off of an animated film saga that began in 2012:Hotel Transylvania< /em>.

EntitledMotel Transylvania (and therefore very probablyMotel Transylvania in French), the spin-lff in question will take the form of strong>an animated series which will arrive in 2025. To help fans wait, remember that Netflix offers already the first three films, as well as the 52-episode animated series, initially released on Disney Channel in 2017. As for  Motel Transylvaniaa first visual to Summer revealed, and it is at hand discover below.

Netflix: these cult animated films will be entitled to a spin-off in 2025

motel transylvania, the sequel to hotel transylvania in series

If no precise release date is known at this time, At the moment, some information has already been released. Summer revealed about Motel Transylvania.The series will take place… in a motel, run by Dracula and his daughter Mavis in California.  Most of the other characters should not be present, at least on a regular basis, as was the case in the four filmsHotel Transylvaniareleased between 2012 and 2022.

Netflix: these cult animated films will be entitled to a spin-off in 2025

Motel Transylvania will see the father-daughter duo attempt to make monsters and humans coexist in a new hotel complex, and we have no doubt that the parents will be able to get together in a new hotel complex. There will be many mishaps. For the moment, we do not know how many episodes the series will offer, but it should probably take place after the events of the animated films. Stay tuned to Hitek to learn more in the coming months!

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