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Beetlejuice 2: Monica Bellucci very embarrassed by this live spoiler

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun7,2024

Beetlejuice 2 is one of the most anticipated films of the year 2024. 36 years after the first This episode, the plot of Tim Burton's new film still remains very secret. Unfortunately, a large part of this plot has just been spoiled. live yesterday on the C show You, in the process embarrassing one of the stars of the film, Monica Bellucci, present on the set.

Beetlejuice 2: Monica Bellucci very embarrassed by this live spoiler

Beetlejuice: a 100% French spoiler/exclusive

Although the trailer for Beetlejuice 2 was recently unveiled, the plot was still a little vague. We know for now that the film will mainly be for director Tim Burton the opportunity to meet and surround himself with many actors and actresses to whom he is very attached. The film will thus bring together Michael Keaton, Danny DeVito, Winona Ryder and Jenna Ortega, who have all already worked with the author of The Nightmare Before Christmas in the past. But the film will also beThis is Tim Burton's first artistic collaboration with his partner Monica Bellucci. webp” type=”image/webp”>Beetlejuice 2: Monica Bellucci very embarrassed by this spoiler live

Guest on the show C to You on France Télévision, the Italian actress thus first mentioned her the special relationship she has with the creations of Tim Burtonand her joy at participating in one of his films. With the desire to highlight her guest, the presenter of the show, Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine, then launched into a presentation that was as laudatory as it was detailed. e of Monica Bellucci's performance in the film: “You will be unrecognizable, scarred, with one finger missing,” she says, before being cut off by Monica Bellucci. “That, we can’t say,” responds hastily. the latter. “Ah, don’t I have the right to say that?”, wonders the host. Monica Bellucci is very embarrassed by this revelation and for good reason, this detail is a major spoilerfor those who know the first film by heart.

The Bride of Beetlejuice

If you already have Having seen the first Beetlejuice, you may remember that’’ At the end, Beetlejuice tries to force Lydia's character to change. marry him. During the ceremony, when the ghost who married them asks to be married. Beetlejuice to present his alliance to his fiancée, he is embarrassed. He then searches his pockets and,instead of taking out a simple ring, he presents a ring still hanging on it. a severed finger. Face to face amazement and amazement Lydia's fright, Beetlejuice says: « I swear, this woman didn't mean anything to me. This brief dialogue therefore inspired a whole new plot featuring Monica Bellucci, who in all likelihood should play either the ex-wife or the ex-fiancée of the famous ghost.

Beetlejuice 2: Monica Bellucci very embarrassed by this live spoiler

That said, before the unexpected spoiler from Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine yesterday, the trailer already presented a first glimpse of Delores (Monica Bellucci), who is a specter whose body seems entirely sutured, thus evoking the character of Frankenstein's bride, which was in itself a first clue. On the other hand, a quick shot also revealed that he was missing a finger. Now stay at home discover the ins and outs of the relationship between Beetlejuice and his ex, especially as the ghost incarnate by Michael Keaton seems in this film to get dangerously close to Lydia's daughter played by Jenna Ortega. Response in theaters on September 6, 2024.

Beetlejuice 2: Monica Bellucci trè

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