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Netflix: this cult animated program from our childhood is coming to film in 2025

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun7,2024

Netflix may well have made it its mission to reboot all the cartoons of our childhood… After announcing the reboot of this cult program from the 2000s, the streaming platform has just informed its subscribers of the return of a famous character from the small screen in 2025. those who were born in the 90s, this article will make you nostalgic!

Netflix: this cult animated program from our childhood is coming to film in 2025

this wacky character from your childhood will have his solo film in 2025

All the children of the 90sAs they say, today's cartoons are much worse than those they grew up with. Between Looney Tunes, The Magic Bus, Totally Spies, Space Goofsor even Rugrats, there was something for everyone.< strong> The characters with very different designs were recognizable at first glance, and their eccentric adventures left their mark on the world. a whole generation. It is not uncommon for channels and streaming platforms to”recycle” these programs and modernize them, in order to please their young audience. This is how Netflix has just announced the arrival of a film dedicated to &àgrave; Plankton, one of the main protagonists of Sponge Bob!

FIRST LOOK: Plankton is coming to Netflix next year in his very own standalone movie! #NextOnNetflix

June 6, 2024

Broadcast on Nickelodeon since 1999, the series, created by host and former biologist Stephen Hillenburg, has over 500 episodes. It's one of the most watched on the channel! It follows the tribulations of a gallery of colorful characters, including the hero SpongeBob, but also Gary the snail, Patrick the starfish (who had his own spin-off series), Sheldon Jr. Plankton, Sandy the squirrel and Pearl the whale. At the bottom of the Pacific Ocean, in the town of Bikini Bottom, they live improbable adventures, which continue, after 14 seasons, to fascinate and amuse children! There is no doubt that the film announced by Netflix, scheduled for 2025, will be an opportunity for young and old to find their common hero again.

And you, what do you think of this project?

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