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McDonald's: faced with inflation, the fast food restaurant draws out this limited offer at low prices

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May28,2024

For some time now, customers who go to the restaurants of the fast-food chain McDonald's have been complaining about the increase in prices products offered by the American firm. In the space of ten years, according to a study, McDonald's increased its sales. the price of its products by 100%. Face to face These statistics, the fast food giant found the solution by finding this attractive offer which will be available from next month.

McDonald's: faced with inflation, the fast food restaurant offers this limited offer at low prices

Customers are increasingly deserting McDonald's

This is not new, sales at McDonald's in the United States are slowing down. The reason ? The significant increase that the American company has inflicted on à its products over the last few years. Among all American fast food chains, McDo's prices have increased the most. between 2014 and 2024according to the FinanceBuzz website. According to a survey carried out last January, about 25% of people who earned less than $50,000 were living there. the year have declared reduce their spending on fast food. So, face to face; Based on this observation, McDonald's has decided to to offer a new offer very soon. a mini price

McDonald's: faced with inflation, the fast food restaurant offers this limited offer at low prices

From their side Summer, fast-food chains believe that the price increase is due to labor costs. But specialists believe that it is necessary for these restaurants to attract customers to eat. low income to continue generate profits. It is this target which represents the bulk of the activity. of fast food. 

Objective for McDonald's: keep prices affordable

Therefore, faced with; growth on a downward slope regarding the attendance of its restaurants, McDonald's imagined a new economical meal. The goal of Chris Kempczinski, the company's CEO, is tofocus on keeping prices affordable. Consequently, the firm imagined a menu that will be sold at 5 dollars only.

McDonald's: faced with inflation, the fast-food restaurant is offering this limited offer at ; mini price

At this price, the consumer will have the right to four products: choice of a McChicken or a McDouble, chicken nuggets by 4, fries and a drink. This economical offer will be launched soon at starting June 25 for a period of one month. However, this menu has Minimum pricewill not be offered. than in the United States. For the moment, we do not know if McDonald's will deploy it in other countries. sell menus or products reduced price. In 2015, for example, the Wendy's chain launched his meal 4 à; 4 dollars and in 2019 she sold the Biggie Bag sandwich at 5 dollars. 

Natasha Kumar

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