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Netflix: new blow for subscribers of the platform

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May15,2024

After reviewing its account sharing policy a few months ago, Netflix continues to remove each of the privileges until then. awarded to its subscribers. A new feature very practical will soon disappear, a measure which will annoy more than one Internet user… We explain to you below what it is.

Netflix: new blow for subscribers of the platform

t&eac;lé load series and films onto the computer? it's almost over!

Ah, how far away the time when Netflix was streaming heaven… No ads, just one subscription. low price, lots of content, the possibility of to share your account with your friends and family… Over the years, these advantages have gradually disappeared, the platform having started to evolve. an era of austerity intended for increase its profits – to the detriment of consumers. À you who are perhaps often traveling, and who consume films and series on your computer offline, this article concerns you. Indeed, in June, Netflix will offer a new version of its application available on the Microsoft Store for Windows 10 and 11, at from which it will no longer be possible to download content in order to then watch it without an internet connection.

Netflix: new blow for subscribers of the platform

A habit however adopted by many subscribers for their journeys by plane or train. According to the daily Tech&Co, the platform has confirmed the truthfulness of this information, without providing an explanation. According to Netflix, more than 70% of viewers watch content online. television with “very modest use on computer“. If your first reaction is to keep the old version of the application, know that this will not be possible. You will therefore have to take your tablet with you, or watch videos films and series on your mobile, to access offline content.

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