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Mister V: the Delamama burger in partnership with KFC is mouth-watering

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May15,2024

It is far away, the time whenù Mister V was just a videographer and stand-up comedian. success on YouTube. For years, he has been working on ambitious projects, and he has just launched his own “Delamama burger” in partnership with KFC.

Mister V: the Delamama burger in partnership with KFC is mouth-watering< /p>

pizzas, sneakers, burgers… delamama reports

Yvick Letexier, better known under the name of Mister V, started his business à made videos on Dailymotion in 2008, before quickly turning to YouTube. With videos likeRap VS Reality or evenThe Police, to name a few, he has acquired great fame. Today, his main YouTube channel has more than 6.3 million subscribers,and the thirty-year-old's videos are rare there. Mister V now devotes himself a lot to his work. projects outside the internet. He has notably released two albums, Double V and MVPand he is also interested in à restoration.

He notably launched; its famous range of Delamama pizzas,who had reported more than 1.4 million euros in just three months when it was launched in supermarkets. One month after unveiling Delamama sneakers, with a design inspired by eponymous pizzas, Yvick Letexier lifts the veil on his partnership with KFC for the launch of a new product, at namely a hamburger. Its name, not surprisingly, is the “Delamama burger”. To promote it, he published a new video on his secondary channel, in which he reprises his role of the atypical Kévino Delamama.

the collaboration between mister v and kfc

< p>“A unique recipe that unites southern Italy with central Kentucky, with its own original Delamama sauce (it's incredible)”: there you go how Mister V sells us his very first burger, created in partnership with KFC. Available in original version (€9.95), bacon (€10.95) and veggie (€9.95), this is available in all the chain's restaurants in France from today, and until June 15 inclusive.

Mister V: the Delamama burger in partnership with KFC puts the mouth watering

The different burger recipes are to be tasted find it on the official KFC website, but know that the basic version is composed of a breaded chicken fillet, crispy onions, its slice of Scamorza, salad leaves, tomato and a < em>“incredible sauce with sweet mustard and smoky taste”.

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