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Star Wars: this is what Luke Skywalker would look like as a Sith Lord

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May15,2024

In a new comic bookStar Wars, we were able to discover whatLuke Skywalkerwould look like if he had switched on the side dark of Force to; cause of Palpatine.

Star Wars: this is what Luke Skywalker would look like as a Sith Lord

star wars and the side of darkness of the force

We know, in the universe of Star Wars, the balance of the Force in the galaxy rests on a fragile balance, which may be broken. Sometimes the line between good and evil can be thin, andmany former Jedi have already experienced this. tilted on the side dark.The best known case is obviously that of Anakin Skywalker, who became Darth Vader after he was killed. handled by Palpatine/Darth Sidious. Fortunately for the rest of the galaxy, his son, Luke Skywalker, never gave in to his power. &àgrave; temptation,while he had the opportunity to do so several times.

Star Wars: this is what Luke Skywalker would look like as a Sith Lord

However, many fans have already secretly hoped for see Luke Skywalker swing to the side dark and join his father. Together, they could have overthrown Palpatine and taken over the world. In any case, this is the proposal that Vader made to his son, but he refused. Finally, the end ofReturn of the Jedi, a part of the Anakin Skywalker of yesteryear resurfaces, pushing him to take another step forward. kill his master in order to save Luke. But inFree Comic Book Day 2024: Star Wars/Darth Vader, published by On Star Wars Day on May 4, readers got a glimpse of Luke if he had become a Sith Lord.

< h2>when darth vader imagines luke skywalker as sith lord

While he is on the planet Tython, full of mysteries and on which the Force is strongly manifested, Darth Vader faces an attack. several hallucinations. In one of them, Palpatine has fun playing with his mind, knowing that the Sith Lord earns him unparalleled hatred. To encourage him to find him, he tries to redirect this hatred towards his own son, which causes the latter to appear dressed entirely in black, and above all armed with weapons. with a lightsaber. It is then that Palpatine explains that there are only two possible outcomes: either Luke “will destroy” his father, or he will join him on the other side. darkness of the Force.

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Unfortunately, our curiosity is not completely satisfied, because the vision of Darth Vader does not last. But seeing father and son face off in a duel, both armed with a red lightsaber typical of the Sith, is enough to make you decide. put the water on the mouth. Especially since in Star Wars, the visions of individuals sensitive to the Force are rarely fortuitous…

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