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Motion condemning Michaud: Legault expresses no regret

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Prime Minister François Legault, who was in the House in 2000 and who had voted in favor of this reprimand, does not expressed no regrets. (Archive photo)

The Canadian Press

Even dead, the independence activist and companion of René Lévesque Yves Michaud will not obtain an apology from the National Assembly.

The CAQ government refuses to repair, at the request of the Parti Québécois (PQ), the conviction pronounced by motion almost 24 years ago against the politician whose death was announced on Wednesday.

< p class="StyledBodyHtmlParagraph-sc-48221190-4 hnvfyV">He made comments about the Jewish people that were unacceptable, said Prime Minister François Legault, who was in the House in 2000 as a PQ member and minister and who voted in favor of this reprimand.

I live well with my vote, replied Mr. Legault when journalists asked him Thursday if the National Assembly should apologize. He is one of the last two deputies, with the CAQ Jean-François Simard, to have spoken in favor of this motion and to still sit today.

To justify himself, the head of government said that he remembered having listened at the time to the unfortunate remarks of Mr. Michaud on the radio .

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However, the motion tabled by Liberal MP Lawrence Bergman and adopted unanimously criticized him for his comments made at the Estates General of the French Language.

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Activist shareholder Yves Michaud died on March 20. (Archive photo)

He then said: There is an ethnic vote against the sovereignty of the Quebec people. If we do not ensure that we integrate our immigrants and assimilate them, well, we will enter the slope of Louisianaization, of folklorization of our society.

The adopted motion stated: The National Assembly denounces without nuance, in a clear and unanimous manner, the unacceptable remarks regarding ethnic communities and, in particular, regarding the Jewish community made by Yves Michaud on the occasion of the Estates General hearings on French in Montreal on December 13, 2000.

Friend of René Lévesque and former general delegate of Quebec in Paris, Mr. Michaud has never stopped asking for the withdrawal of this motion since. He has always argued that these unfounded comments were attributed to him and demanded that he be rehabilitated.

Several parliamentarians have regretted subsequently having voted for this text and asked that the fault be recognized and repaired, without success.

In a press scrum Thursday morning, PQ MP Pascal Bérubé recalled that he had tabled a motion in December 2020 repairing the error of 2000, but it had been blocked by the CAQ.

The motion also asserted that the Assembly is not the appropriate forum to blame a citizen or deliver justice.

We will take action again soon, with the agreement of all political parties, to repair, to try to repair, Mr. Bérubé indicated Thursday morning in the press scrum.

Mr. Michaud is no longer there. We would have liked him to experience this, that he could experience this reparation. But we will still take action to prevent this from happening again, and in memory of Mr. Michaud. So, we will have discussions with other political parties.

The Liberals refused to say whether they would vote in favor of a possible motion from the PQ.

I will limit my comments today to offering my sincere condolences, said the parliamentary leader of the PQ. official opposition, Monsef Derraji.

We will look at the wording, obviously, but in principle, we agree, for its part let MP Guillaume Cliche-Rivard, from Québec solidaire, know.

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