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This series adored by the French is not renewed, a hard blow

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May15,2024

One ​​of the French's favorite series is getting ready to premiere. bow out. A hard blow for those who like to crowd in front of TF1 and its multiple broadcasts. big budget.

This series adored by the French is not being renewed, a hard blow

The number 1 series of TF1

TF1 can puff out its chest. The private channel is the French's favorite in 2023, winning the TV audience match in 2023. ahead of France 2 and BFMTV, the leader in continuous news. The chain has built up solid financial windfalls over the years thanks to its entertainment shows on big budget (see the fees of the jurors of Mask Singer), like Koh-Lanta, Dancing with the Stars or the juggernaut The Voice.

But the number 1 audience in 2023 at TF1 is HPI, the series with Audrey Fleurotas a crazy investigator but with an extraordinary IQ who won over viewers in 2021, and whose season 4 is about to begin. release on May 16.

this is the end for HPI

However, a dramatic turn of events. While the first episodes will be broadcast tomorrow, we learned from Audrey Fleurot that the series will end at the end of the fifth season. This is about of confirmation, because the actress had already been confirmed. declared, during the Séries Mania 2024 Festival, that the fifth season would be the last “because we should not tire the viewers and make the season too many” ;. She adds today. “Butçit's going to be painful because I'm going to have trouble moving. find a character who inspires me as much. 

Interviewed by, Alice Chegaray-Breugnot, screenwriter, collection director and artistic director of the series since its beginnings, continues: “We all want to stop before even starting to do something. weary. I think it will be hard for everyone to leave 'HPI', it will be a difficult mourning, but it's true that we all want to not write without having to write. Each time a lot of fun, so we prefer to stop first. I have been working on 'HPI', which has nourished my days, my nights, since 2018 and so obviously, we want new characters, new universes.»

This series adored by the French is not being renewed, a hard blow

Indeed, it is rumored thatthe series could be available in a cinematic format. «When the series will be finished, it is not excluded that we come back from time to time with a 90-minute format or perhaps to the cinema” on his side the director Djibril Glissant, the companion of Audrey Fleurot.

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