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Media: the US intercepted more than 70 drones and three ballistic missiles from those launched at Israel

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Apr14,2024

Media: the US intercepted more than 70 drones and three ballistic missiles from those launched at Israel

US forces in the Middle East intercepted more than 70 strike drones and at least three ballistic missiles from those that Iran and its proxy forces fired at Israel on the night of April 14.

This is reported by CNN, citing the words of unnamed American officials, writes “European Pravda”.< /p>

Two interlocutors among informed US officials said that the US military in the region intercepted more than 70 Iranian attack drones and at least three ballistic missiles that were flying in the direction of Israel.

The interception of ballistic missiles was carried out from US warships in the Mediterranean Sea. There are two destroyers in the region, both of which are equipped with air defense systems capable of shooting down such targets.

In addition to them, US fighter jets joined in repelling Iran's attack against Israel. According to another interlocutor, they were shot down by attack drones.

President Joe Biden previously publicly said about the US participation in shooting down some of the missiles and drones.

Recall that the Israel Defense Forces reported that During the attack on April 13-14, Iran launched more than 200 missiles and drones at Israel, most of which were shot down by air defense and fighter jets. More than 100 drones launched by Iran were shot down outside Israeli airspace.

It was later reported that there were more than 300 aerial targets in total, of which about 170 were strike drones, more than 30 – cruise missiles and 120 – ballistic, almost all of them were shot down. Some of the launches were carried out by pro-Iranian forces on the territory of Iraq and Yemen.

In connection with the attack, US President Joe Biden gathered a security team for discussion and held a conversation with the Prime Minister of Israel. He also announced that he will convene an extraordinary meeting of the leaders of the Group of Seven on April 14 to coordinate a diplomatic response to the Iranian attack.

Natasha Kumar

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