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Named 3 mistakes when charging the phone that can damage the battery

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Apr14,2024

Named 3 mistakes when charging your phone that can damage your battery

Charging a mobile phone – it's an action that almost everyone does at least once a day. There are many myths circulating on the Internet, and you may fall for one of them. Today we will talk about the three most common mistakes when charging a mobile phone. If you do even one of them, you will make your battery suffer and therefore it will last less time in perfect condition.

The advent of new batteries in smartphones has forced many users to use the tips that were recommended for older devices. A good example – fully charge overnight or let the smartphone completely discharge. Today, however, we'll make up for lost time.

Can you drain the battery?

No. Absolutely not. This is a complete myth and should not be used on your smartphone. Modern batteries have a stabilization range and a minimum and maximum percentage under certain loads.

You should not allow your smartphone's battery charge to drop below 20%. Below these indicators, the battery suffers more than usual, and its degradation increases. Allowing the mobile phone to turn off due to low battery – very bad habit.

If you need advice on when to charge your mobile phone, we recommend charging it when the charge level drops below 15-20%.

Should you unplug your mobile phone in time , when will it charge?

This is also a mistake that many users make, but it will not harm your mobile phone battery. Modern smartphones are equipped with very advanced systems that cut off the power supply to the battery when it reaches 100%. Therefore, do not worry if you did not disconnect the charger from the mobile phone in time.

You can even leave your cell phone charging overnight and nothing will happen to it. When it reaches 100%, charging will stop.

Is it bad to use a mobile phone while charging?

Yes, it is not a myth. While the cell phone is charging, it can be used, but is not recommended. This will degrade the battery as it discharges at the same time as it charges. Smartphone battery can suffer, especially when watching high-quality content or playing games.

If possible, try not to use your phone while charging. Check WhatsApp or take a photo – this is normal. But avoid using very demanding apps when the phone is connected to the charger.

So, these are the three most common mistakes made while charging the mobile phone. If you avoid them, the battery will be in better condition for much longer. I would also like to know if you make these mistakes when charging your smartphone?

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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