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Why is your Android smartphone rebooting itself?

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Apr14,2024

Why does your Android smartphone reboot itself

Many users on the Internet often ask this question. Let's understand the reasons for the reboot together in this article!

Reason 1. Lack of memory

Your device may simply not have enough RAM. The phone starts “ suffocate” when you already have some programs running and you are about to perform a new action.

Reason 2. Malicious application

If you have noticed that your smartphone reboots when you launch the same program, the reason may be:

  • lack memory for the normal operation of this software;
  • problems during the installation of the application;
  • a defect or virus contained in the application itself.

Reason 3. Overheating

Yes, it can be in such banality. What advice can you give it here?

– Do not charge your phone while charging.

– Do not allow the phone to overheat in sunlight or in rooms with high temperature.

– Do not run a large number of “heavy” at the same time. programs.

Reason 4. SIM card

There can be two reasons : or your card has become unusable , or it simply shifted into an unnatural state (when the phone fell, for example).

Reason 5. Battery wear

This is probably  the most popular reason. The power controller or battery can: wear, break or be loose with the contact.

Tip: charge your smartphone only with the original cable, keep it away from moisture, and of course, don't drop the device.

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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