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Margot Robbie's company is making a screen version of the wildly popular computer game The Sims

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Mar24,2024

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Kate Herron, best known for directing the first season of Marvel's ground-breaking series Loki, is set to adapt the game as part of a hot deal that landed this week on studios and streaming sites. Herron will also co-write the screenplay with Briony Redman.

LuckyChap, the production company run by Margot Robbie, Tom Ackerley, Josie McNamara and Sophia Kerr, which is still basking in the rays of the production of “Barbie “, will produce the film alongside Vertigo Entertainment's Roy Lee and Miri Yoon. Electronic Arts, which published the game, will also be involved in the creative and production process, writes The Hollywood Reporter.

The Sims is a life-simulation computer gamein which players play as an avatar with changeable personality traits, skills, and relationships, and perform everyday tasks such as cooking dinner and decorating the house. The game is built around characters who have goals and aspirations. They can also, depending on the game, create their own family.

After the first game was released in 2000, the suburban setting of the franchise has been expanded through sequels and expansions to include an almost endless array of settings and themes such as vacations, show business, dating, high school life, even magic and vampires. The set of characters is also almost endless, although the most common are representatives of the Goth and Landgraab families.

On some level, Sims has similarities with Barbie. The game has no real narrative, and the characters live their own lives, albeit under the control of the players. Barbie as a toy has no narrative, being a doll with an infinite set of player-controlled careers.

Margot Robbie's company to screen wildly popular computer game The Sims

The Sims is getting a movie/Photo by EA Games

Lee, who is coming to theaters this weekend with the horror film Late Night with the Devil, has developed similarly difficult-to-adapt intellectual property with movies about Lego Those animated films inspired spin-offs and grossed hundreds of millions at the box office.

For her part, Herron showed a penchant for unconventional material, making Loki, with its multiple timelines and worlds, the most popular Marvel show on the channel. Disney+.

LuckyChap is currently the hottest production company in Hollywood after the billion-dollar hit “Barbie” and the R-rated memoir “Burn” with Emerald Fennel. Next up is the comedy “My Old Ass,” right which were sold at the Sundance Film Festival to MGM Amazon.

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