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Never do this at a gas station: 8 prohibitions for drivers and passengers

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Mar24,2024

Never do this at a gas station: 8 prohibitions for drivers and passengers

You shouldn't do this at a gas station/freepik

Gas stations (gas stations) are not only places for refueling cars. They are also potentially dangerous areas if the established rules of behavior are not followed.

Listed below are 8 things drivers should avoid at gas stations. They were shared by the Mashyna publication.

Smoking is prohibited. Smoking on the territory of gas stations is extremely dangerous due to the possibility of catching fire. Even a small spark can lead to serious consequences. Therefore, you should refrain from smoking at gas stations.

Do not refuel before paying.Refueling a car before paying is a violation of the rules and can have unpleasant consequences, such as the seizure of the car or administrative fines. Make sure you have enough funds before refueling.

Never do this at the gas station: 8 prohibitions for drivers and passengers

First you fill up – then you pay/Photo by ASphotofamily

Do not drive “against wool”. According to the traffic rules, it is necessary to follow the correct direction of traffic at the gas station. Do not under any circumstances attempt to enter via the exit or drive in the opposite direction.

Do not refuel from the other side. It is important to choose the correct side of the fueling column to avoid stretching the hose and possible damage to the vehicle.

Do not leave the gun in the tank. After refueling, make sure the gun is completely removed from the tank to avoid fuel leakage or equipment damage.

Never do this at a gas station: 8 prohibitions for drivers and passengers

Don't forget to remove the gun from the tank/Freepik photo

Do not use plastic containers. Using plastic containers to store fuel can be dangerous due to the potential for static charges and sparks.

Do not leave the engine running. After refueling, it is recommended to turn off the engine to avoid possible sparks and to prevent the fuel from igniting.

Do not linger at the refueling station. After refueling, try to leave the territory of the gas station as soon as possible to free space for other drivers and avoid creating queues.

Following these simple rules will help ensure safety at gas stations and avoid unpleasant situations. Be careful and follow the rules to avoid danger and keep yourself and others safe at gas stations.

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