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Contaminated peanut butter:  two dogs poisoned in a Toronto park

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Tyler Schlomb (left) and Mark Rullo describe each having to take their dogs, Piper and Milo, to the vet after they ate a potentially dangerous substance from a peanut butter jar left on the ground at a park of Toronto.


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Toronto police call on dog owners to be vigilant after potentially dangerous substance found in peanut butter jar left in park of East York.

Mark Rullo says he was walking his dog Milo and his neighbor's dog, Piper, at Taylor Creek Park Friday evening. The two dogs then noticed a jar of peanut butter on the ground and jumped on it.

The Torontonian says he then took the pot to look at it more closely. That's when he said he noticed something that looked like wood pellets mixed with the peanut butter.

He then took the two dogs and the potty to the vet.

Upon investigation, they said the substance looked like rat poison, Rullo says. As a precaution, both dogs were made to vomit and given an antidote.

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Toronto police say the potentially dangerous substance has not yet been specified.

They have since left the veterinarian. Mr. Rullo nevertheless emphasizes that the two dogs are still a little lethargic and that they will have to be monitored for a month.

He says he is completely disgusted that someone could leave a potentially dangerous substance in a public place.

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Mr. Rullo asks his neighbors to keep their eyes peeled when walking in the park.

Why do such a thing? deplores his neighbor and owner of Piper, Tyler Schlomb.

The Toronto Police Service is asking community members to remain vigilant as the ;investigation is ongoing.

Its spokesperson, Cindy Chung, says police have still not determined what substance it is.

The However, investigators believe that it can be harmful or fatal if swallowed, particularly for animals and children.

< p class="Text-sc-2357a233-1 fnWfaZ"> It's really worrying and unfortunate that we are forced to pay extra attention because there are people who want to do harm.

A quote from Cindy Chung, Toronto police spokesperson

Police advise anyone struggling with similar situation to seek immediate treatment for your dog and report it to investigators.

Ms. Chung asks anyone with information on this matter to contact police.

With information from CBC

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