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Experts explain what to do if your smartphone doesn't get a good mobile signal

There are some simple quick hacks that work for both iPhone and Android smartphones to help you catch and improve your signal mobile network.

If you are outside or in a room where there were no problems with the mobile signal before, you can try to improve the connection through the settings of your smartphone.

The first the way to improve the signal on your smartphone is very fast and in many cases effective – you can simply turn airplane mode on and then turn it off again. This will force the phone to reconnect to the network, which can help improve communication.

The second option is not the most relevant for Ukraine yet, but it may also be needed on a trip. The fact is that modern phones will often try to connect you to the most advanced 5G network, however, depending on how far away the tower is, your phone will not always have the strongest signal.

So the next time you feel like your mobile network isn't as fast as it should be, try switching your network mode and see which one works best for the area you're in.

Like Wi-Fi signal, mobile signal can also be blocked by certain materials such as concrete and metal. In addition, being in a place with a large gathering of people, for example, at a concert, can cause an unstable network signal. In such cases, it is better to go outside and try to catch a connection there.

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