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Love life now: singer Kazhanna released the single “Zhali”

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun6,2024

Love life now: singer Kazhanna released the single "Zhali"


Ukrainian singer Kazhanna presented the new track “Zhali”. The network has already appreciated the original sound.

Singer Kazhanna presented the single “Zhali”. The song tells about the fact that one should not regret the past and live for today.

Despite the title, the song “Zhali” is about the opposite. About the fact that you don't need to regret any events: negative, positive, you don't need to miss the past, you don't need to wait for the future, but you need to live today and love your life.

Also, this song tells about that every person is the first support for himself, that there is no need to look for this support in other people, in friends, in loved ones, because all these people are temporary in life, and the only truly sincere love can to be only with myself. Because this love is unconditional, because this love will never end.

I believe that every person should strive for exactly this, to support and console themselves independently, to appreciate each of their cool events and to appreciate their achievement and not to pay attention to any mistakes, because mistakes always make us better and move forward. I wrote this song at the moment when I myself craved such support and there was not a single person near me who could give it to me. And I realized that I have to be my own support, – said the performer.

According to the singer, this song is charged with positivity. She wants people to listen to her and be inspired, to be recharged, so that they can always give themselves support, so that they do not prolong their psychological problems, if they really need professional help, maybe turn to a psychologist.

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