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In New York, the memory of Iryna Tsybukh (Cheky) was honored and funds were collected for “Hospitaliers”

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun6,2024

Iryna Tsybukh (Cheky) was commemorated in New York and funds were collected for

Charity event/Public Culture

New York's Bedlam theater held a charity event to honor the memory of the fallen paramedic Iryna “Cheka” Tsybukh. American veterans and actors read the stories of Ukrainians during the invasion.

This was reported by the press service of cultural activist and Diary of War producer Daria Kolomiets to Suspilne Kultura.

The charity event was organized by Ukrainian cultural activist and producer of Diary of War Daria Kolomiets together with actress and director Zyuzanna Shadkovsky.

For readings, Zuzanna created a compilation of 14 stories – stories of Ukrainians who experience the Russian invasion in different ways. For the first time, they saw the light in the eponymous documentary podcast by Daria Kolomiets in 2022.

Readings from the history of military medic, volunteer Iryna Tsybukh began. In her diary, she talked about what she was doing before the invasion, about the canceled premiere of her film about children from Donetsk region, her work at “Suspilny” and her decision to join the “Hospitaliers” at the beginning of the great war.

I understand that after the event you will return to your usual activities, but I will not. Because of Russian aggression, because I know how much we are needed here. And something you need to know: we need you too. Support us, because this war is the biggest injustice in our life. And we would also like to deal with everyday affairs, without war, – said “Cheka” in the video.

Iryna Tsybukh (Cheky) was commemorated in New York and funds were collected for

Charitable event/Public Culture

Among them are the stories of director Yugen Synelnikov, chef Yugen Klopotenko, musicians Alexander Polozhynskyi, Moisei Bondarenko , Anastasia Shevchenko (Stasik), policewoman from Mariupol Yevgenia Ivanchenko, wife of captured Mariupol defender Maxim Nikulin Olena and others. p>

A few weeks before the readings, Iryna signed the flag of Ukraine for a charity auction and recorded a video message to American viewers – she explained how their crew works and asked them to support the “Hospitaliers”.

They really felt reality when they learned the news of Ira's death. According to the script, Ira's story begins the reading, and Caroline has done a lot of work on herself to keep up. We also showed the audience a video message from Ira and a video introducing her as a person, and it made a strong impression on them, says Kolomiets.

The event gathered a full hall, and among the guests was a Broadway actor, laureate Grammy award winner Andrew Runnells, as well as actor Moshe Lobel, known for his starring role in Adi Walter's SHTL.

In New York, the memory of Iryna Tsybukh (Cheka) was honored and funds were collected for

Daria Kolomiets/Society Culture

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