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LifesaverSIM: Ukrainians will be able to learn takmed skills in a game simulator in Diya

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Apr13,2024

>> Ukrainians will be able to learn tactical medicine skills/LifesaverSIM

Ukrainians can get free access to tactical medicine training in the LifesaverSIM game simulator, thanks to integration with Diya. Radio Maximum tells how this can be done.

Ukrainians will be able to learn the skills of a medical technician in the LifesaverSIM game simulator in Diya. This was announced by the Minister of Digital Transformation, Mykhailo Fedorov.

LifesaverSIM game simulator is intended for military and civilians who want to undergo training in the conditions of virtual combat operations. The application explains how to apply a tourniquet, tamponade wounds and other actions according to the MARCH protocol. It is a widespread algorithm for providing first aid in combat conditions.

The application was developed by the participants of the Brave1 cluster together with experienced instructors and combat medics. The simulator conforms to the NATO standard and takes into account all important aspects of providing assistance on the battlefield.

LifesaverSIM provides different levels of difficulty, as well as error analysis with recommendations. The stimulator has integrated Diya into its application, so Ukrainians can get premium access for free by confirming their citizenship. You can download it from the AppStore and Google Play.

Later, other training courses will be added to LifesaverSIM.

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