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“Thoughts”: the band BOTASHE presented their debut album and a feat with HAS

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Apr13,2024

"Dumkami": BOTASHE band presented debut album and feat with HAS

BOTASHE and Khas/Screen from the video

Ukrainian hip-hop group BOTASHE presented the first album called “Lens”. The album includes a joint song with rapper Khas – “Thoughts”. The network has already evaluated the sound of the performers.

Also, the musicians starred in a joint clip of the same name. Watch the atmospheric video on YouTube.

The authors challenged themselves to write an album in two months and successfully coped with it. The musicians started working on the songs in December of last year and finished all the material already at the beginning of February.

This is an album that had to be written in the shortest possible time, but despite this, it turned out powerful and high-quality. We were so engrossed in the process that we didn't notice how two months flew by, – White Bo said about the album.

BOTASHE partially filmed the process of creating the album in order to remember vivid memories on video. Demo versions of songs and the process of writing lyrics can be seen on their blog.

The first written track seemed as cool as possible, but each subsequent work somehow miraculously turned out to be even cooler, – shared Tasya's impressions.

The debut album “Lens” consists of 7 tracks: “Tomorrow”, “Communication”, ” Plane”, “Thoughts”, “Sharpness”, “Amulet”, “To the bottom”. Previously, BOTASHE presented only singles, and the musicians decided to make an album to better acquaint listeners with their own work, and this album as a lens will help to do this.

We set ourselves the challenge of making an album in two months. We had to tense up a bit, but everything worked out for us. They tried to make the tracks as diverse as possible, with different vibes. When I evaluate our songs, I always try to imagine how they would sound live. I can say one thing, if I put myself in the place of the listener, I would definitely like to hear every track from our album live. Our listeners will have such an opportunity, we plan to make a presentation in Lviv, follow the announcements on social networks, – added Shershen.

“My district is silent without us”: memories of growing up and youth in the native district are echoed in the verses of the artists . The spring video work with flashbacks to the childhood of the 2000s was shot by director Vitaly Slodynytskyi.

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