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Last tribute to Brian Mulroney in Baie-Comeau

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The Baie-Comois have followed the state funeral of Brian Mulroney at Sainte-Amélie Church, in the former prime minister's hometown.

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A ceremony took place in Baie-Comeau Saturday morning. The state funeral of Brian Mulroney, former Prime Minister of Canada from this north coastal city, was broadcast live for those who wanted to attend this last tribute.

A hundred people, including friends and family members, gathered at Sainte-Amélie Church for the funeral which began at 10 a.m.

It was an opportunity for loved ones and members of the public who live in the Baie-Comeau surroundings to view these state funeral which took place in Montreal.

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The Baie-Comois have started to fill church Saturday morning to attend a ceremony honoring Brian Mulroney.

For the City's Director General, François Corriveau, and his father, retired judge Paul Corriveau, Brian Mulroney changed the course of their lives.

Brian Mulroney, 1939-2024

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Brian Mulroney, 1939-2024< /h3>

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According to Paul Corriveau, it is to the former prime minister that he owes part of his career, since it was he who started it appointed resident judge in Baie-Comeau for the North Shore. I will not hide from you that the memory still prevents me from sleeping today, because it made my life, and that of my family, completely happy. I loved this job that I got thanks to him.

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François and Paul Corriveau are full of praise for Brian Mulroney.

Brian Mulroney was an inspiration to the retired judge's son, who followed in his footsteps. When I was young, my hero wasn’t Guy Lafleur: it was Brian Mulroney. I saw a prime minister who came from Baie-Comeau, I said to myself: "If a little guy from here is capable of becoming prime minister, another little guy from Baie-Comeau is capable too," says François Corriveau , who served as a member of the Democratic Action of Quebec in Saguenay in 2002.

The latter hopes that the memory of the former prime minister will be well preserved. I still hope that some people will stand up and get a [house museum] for one of the best prime ministers that Canada has known, he hopes.

The former Canadian prime minister's house museum project is on ice due to lack of funding.

The special mass also included testimonies from those who knew him well in Baie-Comeau.

Two childhood friends of Brian Mulroney, Walter Bisson and Donald Goodfellow, were present to remind us that the politician never forgot his origins.

While he was prime minister, he could not do anything other than help the city of Baie-Comeau and the North Shore, recalled Mr. Bisson.

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Walter Bisson claims that he and Mr. Mulroney spoke on the phone every three weeks.

The two men, who met before they even reached school age, never lost touch.

Donald Goodfellow is remembered as a caring person, even as a child.

I lost my leg in a car accident when I was 10 years old. He came to visit me, we played together, he took me to the cinema. He loved people, he remembers.

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Donald Goodfellow had a lot to say about his childhood friend.

As elsewhere in the country, the flags of Baie-Comeau remain at half-mast.

A delegation from the North Shore also went to Montreal to take their place among the 1,300 guests at the Notre-Dame basilica.

For Kateri Champagne Jourdain, MP for Duplessis, it was important to pay a final tribute to Brian Mulroney and offer her condolences to the family of the deceased.

You know, Mr. Mulroney, he is certainly the greatest politician the North Shore has known, she testified. […] He remained a man of the region, even once at the head of the country. He always used the weight he had to ensure the sustainability of the North Shore economy.

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Kateri Champagne Jourdain will always remember Mr. Mulroney, whose first meeting dates back to the announcement of the Alouette aluminum smelter in 1989.

The Mayor from Baie-Comeau, Michel Desbiens, was also part of the group in Montreal. In an interview with Patrice Roy, he was moved and said he was proud to represent his fellow citizens.

Brian Mulroney represents a source of great pride for us. He's the greatest ambassador we've ever had, he said.

Michel Desbiens wanted to offer a last goodbye to the one he considers a great man who always honored his deep roots and always had the interests of Baie-Comeau at heart.

According to information from Charles-Étienne Drouin

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