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Just yesterday, she worked 2 jobs: a 73-year-old grandmother won a luxurious mansion in the lottery

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Apr14,2024


73-year-old woman becomes home owner/SWNS

73-year-old Rose Doyle from the UK can finally enjoy a well-deserved retirement after winning a £3 million luxury house in Cornwall in the Omaze lottery.


She and her husband Tony, who have lived in a three-bedroom house in Birmingham for 44 years, are now planning to move to a new luxury home by the sea, writes Metro.

The prize also included £100,000 in cash, which allowed Rose to decide to retire, after years of working two jobs. The woman constantly participates in the monthly Omaze drawing, saving her savings.

Worked 2 jobs just yesterday: 73-year-old grandmother won a luxury mansion in the lottery

Retired couple to move into their own house/Photo by SWNS

< p class="quote">Since I know I enter every drawing automatically, I don't keep track of all the houses every time, so I didn't know we won at first. We thought it would be a short break in Cornwall or a few hundred quid – never for a minute did we think we'd win a £3 million house. Such things simply do not happen to people like us,
– said the British woman.

Just yesterday I was working 2 jobs: 73-year-old grandmother won a luxury mansion in the lottery

The house has five bedrooms/Photo by SWNS

Their new home has five bedrooms, a hot tub, a panoramic terrace and landscaped garden, and the house overlooks the idyllic seaside village of St. Agnes.

Worked 2 jobs just yesterday: 73-year-old grandmother won a luxury mansion in the lottery

House located by the sea/SWNS photo

We have a big family, so this summer we will be very popular, the phone will ring non-stop, because everyone will want to book their vacation here. We will definitely enjoy it as a family. Whatever we decide to do in the future will change our whole life for the better. It's a real miracle,
– she added.

Please note that the raffle also raised £3.1 million for the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) charity.

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