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“They thought they were untouchable”: new interesting details are known about how the cruiser “Moscow” was destroyed

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Apr14,2024

"Thought they were untouchable": new interesting details are known, how the cruiser

Pletenchuk told how the cruiser “Moscow” was destroyed./Collage by Radio MAXIMUM

The Ukrainian military carried out a successful operation to destroy the Russian missile cruiser “Moskva”. Two years ago, the flagship of the Black Sea Fleet sank, becoming one of the most significant losses for Russia in the war with Ukraine.

This became possible thanks to the skill and professionalism of the Ukrainian military. According to News.LIVE, the spokesman for the Naval Forces of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, Dmytro Pletenchuk, shared the details of the attack. He also emphasized that luck was important, although not the main factor of success.

How our military destroyed “Moscow”

The missile cruiser “Moskva” was destroyed two years ago on April 13 < strong>by Ukrainian anti-ship missiles, which attacked the ship, unexpectedly for the Russian crew. This attack was one of the most successful actions carried out by the Ukrainian army against enemy ships.

The process of destroying the “Moscow” began with the first hit of a Ukrainian cruise missile, which impressively affected the ship's command staff, causing a loss of control above him.This operation lasted less than an hour, during which the Ukrainian forces demonstrated great efficiency and skill in conducting military operations.

The spokesman of the Naval Forces of the Ukrainian Armed Forces Dmytro Pletenchuk emphasized that the success of this operation was the result not only of luck, but and clear planning, patience and professionalism of the Ukrainian military. He also emphasized that the Russian forces underestimated the Ukrainian army and were in a state of confidence in their inviolability.

Judging by the events that accompanied this operation, the enemy was moving slowly. That is, the occupiers were not even afraid, and based on their imperial ambitions, they believed that they were on what they call killer aircraft carriers, and they are inviolable,
– said the spokesman of the Armed Forces Navy.

This event proved the ineffectiveness of the Russian strategy in the region and testified to the high level of training of the Ukrainian military. As Pletenchuk noted, many of the Russian air defense systems on the “Moscow” remained inactive during the attack, which indicates the inability of the Russian forces to respond adequately to the challenge.

Two of the three air defense calculations that were on the ship were completely silent. There was an impression that there were empty posts, that's why this Russian “maybe it will pass” once again worked against the bearers of this mentality,
– emphasized Pletenchuk

Thus, the destruction of the missile cruiser “Moskva” opened a new page in the history of the military confrontation between Ukraine and Russia, demonstrating the high combat readiness and professionalism of the Ukrainian military.

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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