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The painter brought People's Deputy Sovsun to tears during the discussion of demobilization: her words are outrageous

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Apr14,2024

The painter brought the deputy Sovsun to tears during the discussion of demobilization: her words are outrageous

Hanna Malyar brought Inna Sovsun to the trail on the air/collage of Channel 5

Former deputy defense minister Hanna Malyar outraged the network. This was caused by her behavior during the show, in which she openly mocked People's Deputy Inna Sovsun when the topic of demobilization of the military was discussed. To the public During it, the People's Deputy tried to emphasize that demobilization is important. She also emphasized that her husband has been fighting “at zero” since the start of the full-scale invasion.

Malyar's behavior outraged

First, Hanna Malyar constantly interrupted Inna Sovsun. She also emphasized that demobilization is impossible until the end of martial law.

And when he left, did he know the rule of the Constitution that demobilization is impossible until the end of martial law?< br> – asked the ex-deputy minister.

The network was also outraged by the way she smiled during the discussion of this sensitive topic. One had the impression that she was literally mocking her opponent.

Hanna Malyar outraged with her words about demobilization: watch the video

At the same time, she assured that the military has the opportunity to rest on rotation. And if Mrs. Sovsun's husband did not have a vacation during this time, then this is a “violation of human rights.” But the deputy stressed that rotation is not a panacea.

Rotation will not save anyone. This is an opportunity to rest, and not to return to normal life,
– emphasized the deputy.

Hanna Malyar could not calm down. She continued to press for the fact that the relevant norm is enshrined in the Constitution. Therefore, according to her, servicemen should be prepared that everything will be just like that.

Inna Sovsun herself could not hold back tears during this discussion.

Please note that later the MP commented on the conflict on Instagram. She noted that she cannot “recover” from what Hanna Malyar said.

I entered the subway at my station, accidentally got on a train in the opposite direction. Somehow I can't recover after hearing Hanna Malyar's phrase yesterday that “well, those men who mobilized on the first day, they knew that it was until the end of the war…” They themselves are to blame, yes. How to forget it now?
– she wrote.

The painter brought to People's Deputy Sovsun's tears during the discussion of demobilization: her words are outrageous

People's deputy Iryna Gerashchenko also participated in the same broadcast. She emphasized that Inna Sovsunshe spoke “on behalf of hundreds of thousands of wives, daughters and loved ones”. At the same time, according to Herashchenko, Hanna Malyar expressed the position of the government, which “has no respect” for both the military and their families.

Zero empathy, zero respect for soldiers and their families, zero humanity. Calibrated rudeness. It's not just a failure of communication. This is a conscious position, when responsibility is already being shifted to the military. For everything,
– she wrote.

On Friday, April 12, Hanna Malyar posted a fragment of this broadcast. She wrote that if demobilization is introduced in our country under the current conditions, it will “simply lose a combat-capable army”. , the systematic rotation of the units that are in the areas of hostilities began,
– she added.

It should be noted that the Ministry of Defense noted the day before that the bill on demobilization could be submitted to the Verkhovna Rada in the coming months.< /p>

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