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Juicy chicken fillet – cook like a chef in your kitchen

Juicy chicken fillet/Masterpiece

Vladimir Yaroslavsky decided to share his secrets in the kitchen with his subscribers. He told how to cook an appetizing chicken fillet.

Ukrainian chef and restaurateur Volodymyr Yaroslavskyi gives useful tips on how to cook juicy meat. He told about this on Instagram.

I share the main secrets of how to make chicken fillet juicier! This applies to any bird. The first secret: pre-salting – keeping a fresh fillet in a solution of table salt, Yaroslavskyi said.


For 1 kg of poultry:

  • 1 liter of water
  • 60g of salt

Method of preparation:

1. Separately, boil 100 g of water and spices: black and fragrant peas, bay leaves, garlic, rosemary and thyme. And then we add to the main solution and put another 200g of ice for cooling.

2. Add the chicken and refrigerate for 4-6 hours. A whole bird is preferably 8.

3. Look at the fillet as you would a steak. Wipe it from moisture with a napkin and heat a pan with oil.

4. Then fry the fillet until golden brown on one side for 2 minutes, on the other side for 2 minutes, then repeat for 1 minute and remove the chicken from the pan. Leave to stand separately in a warm place for 10 minutes.

5. The last stage: heat the pan, put the fillet, a piece of butter, herbs and crushed garlic on it and heat the fillet for another 30 seconds on each side, pouring foamy hot fat.

I can even feel with my fingers that the fillet is barely “alive” to the touch – as if a little raw. But don't worry – thanks to the salt, it cooks faster and will remain juicy! Therefore, it is important not to transfer the meat, because it will be just as dry! To fry it even faster (in one go), he cuts the salted fillet in half, Yaroslavskyi tells other secrets.

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