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Yulia Lushchynska, for the first time after giving birth, presented the new song “Enough”

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Mar14,2024

Yuliya Lushchynska, for the first time after giving birth, presented the new song

Yulia Lushchynska/YouTube

Ukrainian singer Yulia Lushchynska, who became famous with the hype track “Hopak”, recently became a mother. For the first time after the birth of her son, the star again returned to music and creative career.

Young Ukrainian singer Yuliya Lushchynska recently presented a new lyrical and emotional track “Enough”. Watch the candid video on YouTube.

According to the singer, after the release of the track “Dancing the Hopak”, she almost committed suicide. The reason for this was the terrible hate that suddenly poured out on the girl.

That day I realized how cruel the world and people can be. They threatened me, they wanted to kill me. I was called names and visited every day and every minute. I was persecuted. When they were recognized, they started mocking and shouting insulting words, even in shopping centers. And I felt completely unprotected. I could not leave the house alone. But I didn't want to either, I wanted to hide from everyone, Luschynska emphasized.

She shared that one day, left alone in the room, she planned to jump from the window.

I was so confused and overwhelmed that one day I locked myself in a dark room, at night, I again sobbed for several hours from the pain. And then she approached the window of the 15th floor. And I began to think: “Why am I living?”, “And what have I already managed to do?”, “And how will my mother react when I'm gone?”, “And will my sister be sad?”. I opened the window. A strong wind blew. Just one step. And I am no more. And I don't feel that pain anymore. I don't remember what stopped me. But I ended up on the floor, – said the singer.

Later, she found out that she was pregnant, and this news, according to Luschynska, kept her away from suicidal thoughts. The girl talked about her pain and despair in the new song “Enough”.

Watch Yulia Lushchynska's emotional clip “Enough” here:

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