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Former judge Jacques Delisle will plead guilty

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Mar14,2024

Ex-judge Jacques Delisle will plead guilty

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Jacques Delisle at the courthouse in 2022 (Archive photo)

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Former judge Jacques Delisle will return to court Thursday morning. He will enter a guilty plea, indicates his lawyer, Mr. Jacques Larochelle. However, it is not known to which charge he will plead guilty.

This turnaround in the situation was confirmed by the Crown and the defense Wednesday morning during a Superior Court hearing at the Quebec courthouse.

Even if the ex-judge has been trying to prove his innocence since 2010, his lawyer, Mr. Jacques Larochelle, had recently shown an openness to the idea of ​​participating, with the prosecution, in what is called a criminal and criminal facilitation conference, a process used to determine whether a settlement between the parties on disputed issues is possible outside of a trial.

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Me Jacques Larochelle (Archive photo)

Entre- Time, Thursday, the Supreme Court was also due to make its decision on whether or not it will take up the case of former judge Jacques Delisle. However, since Wednesday morning, this judgment on an authorization request has been removed from the agenda of the Supreme Court.

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By bringing his case before the highest court in the country, the former judge wanted to restore the stay of proceedings of his second trial, in 2022, for the murder of his wife, which the Court of Appeal had canceled in September.

Isabelle Richer and Bruno Savard.

Cancellation of the stay of proceedings by the Court of Appeal would force a new trial. The 88-year-old former judge obtained this ruling due to the destruction of evidence.

During his first trial, in 2012, Jacques Delisle was found guilty of the murder of his partner, Nicole Rainville.

The report by Camille Carpentier.

After a request for judicial review, Jacques Delisle, who was serving a life sentence, was finally entitled to a second trial following a decision by the federal Minister of Justice who had reason to believe that x27;a miscarriage of justice had been committed in this case.

After the proceedings were stopped due to the unacceptable negligence of the pathologist responsible for Nicole Rainville's autopsy, this second trial never took place and the ex-judge has been a free man ever since.

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