Wed. Apr 17th, 2024

Journalists were asked not to take things from the US president's plane for souvenirs

Journalists were asked to stop taking things from the US president's official plane for souvenirs. This is reported by the BBC. An inventory of Air Force One after Joe Biden's visit to the West Coast of the United States in February 2024 revealed the absence of several items in the presection. Among the items that allegedly disappeared from the plane — branded pillowcases, chocolate, and gold-rimmed glasses and plates.

Last month, the White House Correspondents' Association sent an email to reporters saying this behavior should stop.

Taking items from logo of Air Force One, including cutlery and towels, has been commonplace for many years, the BBC writes.

Voice of America correspondent; in the White House, Misha Komadovsky even collected a collection of things from his trips on the president's plane. "I didn't do anything wrong in collecting this collection", — he told BBC News, holding a paper cup with the Air Force One logo that he "just forgot to throw away".

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