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Ukrainian developers of Ratel robots have created a remotely controlled demining complex. What it can do

Ukrainian manufacturers, who previously presented the Ratel S and Ratel M land-based works, developed the Ratel Deminer — a demining machine that can remotely defuse anti-personnel mines. The Minister of Digital Transformation Mykhailo Fedorov spoke about it. The project was created within the Brave1 defense cluster.

«Ratel Deminer — a mine trawl that finds and neutralizes anti-personnel mines. It works remotely, and therefore saves the lives of military personnel. The complex is equipped with a daytime video channel and is capable of destroying mines of the PFM-1, PMN-4, PMN-3 and PMN-2 types, — Fedorov reported.

He added that the developers have already tested the machine during humanitarian demining from anti-personnel mines near Sviatohirsk, Donetsk region.

The Ratel Deminer received BRV1 status, which means that the development has been identified as a priority for the Security and Defense Forces . Now the complex is being improved and the capacity is being increased.

Fedorov clarified that previously these manufacturers created Ratel S and Ratel M ground robots, which have already received codification and are actively used by soldiers of the Armed Forces.

Ratel S — it is a kamikaze robot that carries anti-tank mines or a combat module. The Ukrainian military uses it as a mobile warhead that can blow up an enemy tank or dugout.

Ratel M — it is a multipurpose logistics platform. Its load is 250 kilograms, and the battery life varies from 5 hours in summer to 8 hours in winter. This is a four-wheel drive vehicle with a radio control range of up to 6 km.

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