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“A Space Free of COVID-Vaccines”. The Australian who is building Titanic 2 has revealed the details of his plan

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Apr1,2024

"A space free from COVID-vaccines". The Australian who is building Titanic-2 has revealed the details of his plan

Australian billionaire Clive Palmer, who is working on building a seaworthy copy of the legendary Titanic, plans to make it a space for anti-vaccinators and a symbol of traditional values.

For more than ten years, Australian billionaire Clive Palmer worked to bring the idea of ​​Titanic-2 to life. Although construction has not yet started, Palmer already has some plans for the future liner. In particular, he says that it should become an environment that is friendly to opponents of vaccination.

"I really don want to be in control, I am not that kind of person. But I have too much money. Therefore, I don't need other money. We don't need to raise funds. We don't need to take money from moms and dads. If anyone's losing money, it's me, and I'm glad to be losing money at this age. We can make instant decisions about what we want to do without worrying about the consequences. It will be a COVID vaccine free environment  — said Palmer in an interview with Rolling Stone.

At the same time, Palmer notes that already vaccinated will also be allowed in, because «people who are vaccinated, despite the side effects, need to reach out of love and friendship».

In addition, he also insists that Titanic-2 will be a symbol of «traditional values» — in opposition to the woke culture, which opposes social inequality, sexism, racial prejudice, etc. Recall that ten years ago, Palmer already planned to create an analogue of the Titanic, but due to the bankruptcy of one of his companies, and then ;— due to the coronavirus pandemic, construction had to be stopped. The first version was planned to be finished by 2022, but the plan failed. Now the billionaire wants to finish the project by 2027, and planned the first flight for June.

Natasha Kumar

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