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Streaming service Spotify is launching full-length music videos in a limited beta for premium subscribers. Now the company will compete with YouTube, which has dominated for almost two decades.

The streaming service Spotify has launched a beta test of the function of viewing music videos. Reuters writes about it.

Music videos will be available to premium users in the UK, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Sweden, Brazil, Colombia, the Philippines, Indonesia and Kenya in beta.

Spotify's new plan aims to 1 billion users by 2030, but the company faces competition from Apple Music and YouTube, which lets users watch music videos for free.

In my own experience and that of countless others, music videos play a key role in getting you hooked: they turn ordinary listeners into fans. They're an important part of what many artists do, and it's a natural fit for them to be in the same place that more than half a billion people choose to listen to music,” said Charlie Gellman, vice president and head of music products at Spotify.

Spotify's music video beta launches on March 13, with a limited catalog of music videos featuring hits from global artists like Ed Sheeran, Doja Cat and Ice Spice, or local favorites like Aluna and Asake.

< p>In February, the agency reported that the number of Spotify premium subscribers, which account for most of the company's revenue, rose 15% to 236 million in the fourth quarter, beating forecasts of 235.1 million. The company predicted that in the current quarter they the number will reach 239 million.

In March 2023, Spotify introduced a new feature called Clips, vertical videos of less than 30 seconds that are uploaded directly to Spotify for artists. In addition, the company expanded its services by adding podcasts and audiobooks to attract more users.

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