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Israel launched a strike on Iranian territory, – ZMI

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Apr19,2024

Israel launched a strike on Iranian territory, – ZMI

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The Israeli Defense Army launched a major strike on Iranian territory. The Iranian military reported about the shooting down of low drones near the city of Ishafan, no missiles were detected. ABC News reports.

The sighting of the American official indicated that Israeli missiles hit the area There is an impact in Iran.

The Iranian news agency Fars reports that the airport in the central city of Isfahan was filled with bulges, but the cause is unknown.

The cause of these sounds is still unknown, and the investigation is ongoing, and the exact details of the incident will not be established.

Yearly, Fars reported that “three vibrations” The moon was shining at the military airbase of Shekari near Isfahan.

This year, military Iran was told about the shooting down of many unmanned aircraft and emphasized that “there has been no missile attack at the moment.” in the region.

A dozen unmanned aircraft were successfully shot down by the country's anti-aircraft defenses, although there was no information about the missile attack, said Hossein Dalirian, a spokesman for the Iranian space agency.

The Iranian television station reported that the PPO shot down three drones in the sky over Isfahan.

The province has dismantled a number of Iranian nuclear facilities, closing the center of the Iranian program enrichment of uranium Natanz.

Iranian snakes reported that no nuclear facilities were harmed as a result of the attack.

Nuclear facilities in the province of Isfahan are in complete disrepair, – Tasnim agency informs about sending to “nadiyany dzherela”.

Israel launched a strike on the territory of Iran, – ZMI

Dzherelo : іранські ЗМІ

Ізраїль заявив США, що не націлює ракети на іранські ядерні об'єкти, повідомляє CNN з посиланням на високопоставленого американського чиновника.

Телеканал Fox News повідомляє, що &quot ;well-known veyskovo dzherelo" describes the strike as an “extension.”

The New York Times quotes three Iranian officials as confirming that a strike was ordered on a military air base near Isfahan, without specifying The country launched an attack.

Iranian snakes reported a decrease in air flow over the areas of Isfahan, Shiraz and Tehran. All flights are limited at the capital's Imam Khomeini Airport. According to CNN, a number of flights were redirected over the vast expanse of the country.

BAGNET predicts that the US will introduce new sanctions against Iran.

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