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Calming drink with valerian: monobank and Zhivchyk launched a collaboration

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Apr19,2024

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Zhyvchyk and monobank decided to join forces to create a unique product. They presented a soothing drink with valerian.

Earlier, the co-founder of the bank Oleg Horokhovsky hinted at this collaboration in his Telegram. And on April 15, he shared a post by user X who bought the drink at a supermarket.

The drink contains apple flavor and valerian extracts. The 330 ml jar has a special design with the well-known cats of two brands – monobank cat and zhivchyk.

Zhyvchyk x mono. Apple and valerian. 330 milliliters of peace. Look for it on the shelves of ATB. Later, there will be other supermarkets and gas stations, – Monobank writes.

Products can already be purchased in ATB supermarkets at a price of UAH 16 90 kopecks. The appearance of the drink is promised later also in other supermarkets and gas stations of the country.

If you think that the Balenciaga and Crocs colaba or Fortnite and Lego is the colaba of the year, think again, because we at monobank made collaboration with “Zhyvchyk”, – said the co-founder of monobank Mykhailo Rogalskyi in a video published on Instagram.

He noted that “Zhyvchyk” is a cult drink that is loved by different generations. That is why monobank wanted to cooperate with this brand.

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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