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In the new composition, the singer YATSUTA calls to enjoy

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May21,2024

In the new composition, the singer YATSUTA calls to enjoy

YATSUTA/Press Service

Young and ambitious singer YATSUTA premiered a new track about love. It is this feeling that is the driving force of life and all processes in it.

A fresh and light track, for the free and unrestrained, for those who know how to love, who are not afraid to indulge their feelings fully. The song “Pleasure” is for everyone and everyone. Watch the atmospheric clip on YouTube.

According to the artist, now, when the war is trying to steal the most valuable thing from us, it is important not to waste time. This especially applies to loved ones and relatives. The performer once again emphasizes that the concept of “pleasure” is important in everything – in creativity, in work, in feelings. Under such conditions, the success of the case is guaranteed.

I now communicate a lot with the military. Their “pleasure”, what keeps them going – their women. And when the dream time with them happens, it is unequivocal satisfaction and happiness. With a new song, I wanted to emphasize the importance of such moments – being close to the one you love. Time flies, we cannot stop it. You have to enjoy each other's presence, says YATSUTA.

Recently, YATSUTA organized a “day of enjoyment and self-love” in support of Ukrainian military wives. There were women's beauty treatments, a photo session and a delicious lunch in a restaurant. The singer implemented this together with the National Rehabilitation Center “Nezlamni” of the first territorial association of Lviv, which is a rehabilitation hub for the military and has a subsidiary project to support their women “Women's Power”.

4 indomitable Ukrainian women joined the project: Yana, who lost a limb in Avdiivka due to a shell that hit her house; Tatyana, whose husband is seriously wounded and is currently undergoing rehabilitation, Natalya, whose husband lost a limb at the front while she was expecting twins; Victoria, who lost her husband in the war.

I wanted to give them a day of joy and rest. When, conditionally, you forget about everything and concentrate on your inner self. I am sure that everything was successful. We would like to wish our women more opportunities for pleasure and this applies not only to appearance. It's more about loving yourself and what you have, YATSUTA adds.

The song “Pleasure” was created for the artist by the author and performer Dmytro Sysoev. According to YATSUTA, he feels it 100% and their cooperation always guarantees a successful result.

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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