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A patriotic red embroidered shirt for Oleksandr Usyk was created by craftsmen from Lviv

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May21,2024


The red embroidered jacket, in which boxer Oleksandr Usyk went to the weigh-in ceremony before the fight against Tyson Fury, was created by craftsmen from Lviv. They worked in a record time for such work – two weeks.

This is reported by the Ukrinform news agency with reference to the press release of the MARYLU by Nazarchuk brand, which created a unique shirt.

The boxer came to the weighing ceremony in a bright red embroidered shirt with the image of the Ukrainian warrior Oleksandr Matsievskyi, who is a symbol of the victory of the people of Ukraine. This special shirt for Usyk was sewn by the Ukrainian brand of designers Mar'yana and Marta Nazarchuk.

On the front part – embroidery with black threads with the Slavic ornament “Alatyr” – the symbol of God the Creator. On the back of the shirt is an embroidered portrait of Ukrainian prisoner of war Oleksandr Matsievskyi, who was shot by the invaders after saying “Glory to Ukraine!”. A poem is written next to the image of the Hero:

“Glory to Ukraine –

For such words

Kuliu you got

And you are gone,

But remember eternal hell,

Warrior, to you,

You are a native mother

He crushed enemies.

Showed you are the strength,

The strength of the Armed Forces,

Yes to the Heroes glory,

And you are in paradise.”

The author of these lines is boxer Oleksandr Usyk, who dedicated them to the fighter executed by the Russians.< /p>

We created this embroidery for Oleksandr Usyk with the aim of letting the whole world know about the Ukrainian soldier Oleksandr Matsievsky, – Marjana and Marta Nazarchuk told about their work. – As soon as Usyk got off the bus, upon arriving at the weigh-in, everyone immediately paid attention to his embroidered shirt: they asked questions, asked for a translation… Then we realized that our mission was accomplished.

Patriotic red embroidered shirt for Oleksandr Usyk was created by craftsmen from Lviv

Oleksandr Usyk/Ukrinform

Unique embroidered shirt as a gift for world champion Oleksandr Usyka was created in the brand's Lviv atelier in two weeks, a record for such work. In the near future, the designers plan to hand over the embroidered portrait of Oleksandr Matsievsky to the Hero's mother.

We learned that in ancient times Cossacks wore the color red before an important battle. So our embroidery became a victory for Usyk! It is not for nothing that red is the color of strength of spirit, which gives strength and controls emotions, – noted designers Maryana and Marta Nazarchuk.

Patriotic red embroidered shirt for Oleksandr Usyk was created by craftsmen from Lviv

Oleksandr Usyk/Ukrinform

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