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Ukrainian polar explorers showed an “invasion” of fur seals near the Vernadsky station

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May21,2024

>> Seals/National Antarctic Science Center

In Antarctica, near the Ukrainian station “Akademik Vernadsky”, polar explorers recorded a large number of seals and elephant seals. Unlike domestic animals, polar seals are aggressive and not gentle at all.

Photo of a “cat invasion” taken on Galindez Island by Oleksandr Matsibura and Vitaly Kaminsky. This is stated on the page of the National Antarctic Science Center.

The other day, the biologist of the 29th UAE Svitozar Davydenko counted a large number of Antarctic fur seals on Galindez Island, where “Akademik Vernadskyi” is located. – as many as 81! There was also one southern elephant seal in the company with them, the National Antarctic Scientific Center of Ukraine reported.

Besides, as the scientists noted, many seals were also found on the neighboring islands. For example, 19 of these seals rested on the island of Uruguay, which, like Galindez, also belongs to the archipelago of the Argentine Islands.

The scientific center emphasized that, in general, Antarctic fur seals often gather in the “Vernadsky” area in autumn during seasonal migrations (it is autumn in the Antarctic). And as a result of global warming, now they stay here longer than before.

Unlike domestic cats, these animals are aggressive and not gentle at all

strong>. They fight for their territory, growl at other males, and can growl at polar explorers. And they have a right: they are the masters in the Antarctic, polar explorers noted.

Once upon a time, this type of seal was actively hunted for their valuable fur. However, since the signing of the Antarctic Treaty, they, like all other animals of the icy continent, are under protection and cannot be disturbed.