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In Germany, it is assumed that the Russian Federation is behind a spate of GPS failures in the Baltic region

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Apr4,2024

In Germany, it is assumed that the Russian Federation is behind the surge in GPS failures in the Baltic region

The German Ministry of Defense believes that Russia is “very likely” behind for a series of malfunctions in the work of GPS in the Baltic region.

A representative of the German Defense Ministry told Reuters about this in a comment, reports “European Truth”.

The interlocutor of the agency indicated that the source of the problems could be the Kaliningrad region of the Russian Federation.

“Constant interruptions in the work of the global navigation satellite system are very likely of Russian origin and caused by disturbances in the electromagnetic spectrum, including from the Kaliningrad region”, – he noted.

The spokesperson declined to provide details on how Berlin made its assessment or the exact nature of the disruptions, citing “military security considerations.”

Recently, media reported that Russia could jam the signal on the plane of British Defense Minister Grant Shapps when it flew near the Kaliningrad region.

GPS failures – used by airlines, smartphones and weapons systems – were observed earlier in the Kaliningrad region. The commander of the Estonian Defense Forces, Martin Herem, previously stated that Russia was behind them.

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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