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In China, a woman broke into a school with a knife: there are dead and injured

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May21,2024

In China, a woman broke into a school with a knife: there are dead and wounded

Chinese Police/Illustrative photo from open sources

In China, there was a knife attack in one of the primary schools — a woman broke into a school with a knife, two dead and ten wounded. This is reported by Yahoo!.

The report notes that a knife attack on an elementary school occurred in the city of Guixi in Jiangxi province — occurred around noon local time (04:00 GMT). Police said a 45-year-old woman was involved in the attack — she allegedly used a fruit knife during the attack. The woman was detained. There is no information yet about the motive for the act; an investigation is underway.

It became known that at least two people were killed and ten more were injured as a result of a knife attack. However, the police statement did not specify whether students from the school were among the dead or injured. All the wounded were sent to the hospital, there is no threat to their lives.

Some of the children's parents remarked: "I received this news at noon and was very shocked.". p>

They also commented as follows: "My child is in the fifth grade, he is still very small and got home safely, but the school did not tell us anything and kept everything secret."

< p>Another parent, who also wished to remain anonymous, added:  "Of course we are scared. Not only children, even we adults are very scared.”

They also recalled that teachers immediately published photos of children in general groups, noting that they were safe, and asked their parents to pick them up:&nbsp ;"The class teachers handled this quite well; they immediately posted pictures of the children in the parent group, saying that the children were safe and that they had already closed the door, asking the parents to come and pick them up.

"Yahoo!" indicates that this incident occurred against the backdrop of a number of similar attacks in the country. It is known that in recent months there has been a whole series of knife attacks in China.

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