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“Amsterdam”: the band O.Torvald presented a new clip about mobilization

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May21,2024

"Amsterdam": band O.Torvald presented a new clip about mobilization


The Ukrainian band O.Torvald presented a new video for the song “Amsterdam”. Thus, they decided to support all Ukrainians in acquiring the new law on mobilization.

The other day, O.Torvald presented a music video for the song “Amsterdam”. It was included in the recent album “Votoma”.

The video shows the story of a Ukrainian man who allegedly says goodbye to his usual life and goes to the front.

We cannot close our eyes to the general situation in the country. We are also scared, we also do not understand how to live on. The difficult reality is pressing on each of us, but we still want to dream about this “distant Amsterdam” and hope that “in time the morning will become good again, the musicians emphasized.

It is interesting that the plot of the clip is based on real events, because the band members were inspired by a real warrior who has the call sign “Amsterdam”.

When the song “Amsterdam” was written, we thought it was about hope that sooner or later all this will certainly happen, and we can dream about pre-war Kyiv, about travel. But when they decided to shoot a clip for this song, the story of my brother, who is now defending Ukraine from invaders, popped into my head. He had always dreamed of visiting Amsterdam, but he had never been there before the war. Instead of fleeing from the defense of his country, he joined the Armed Forces in March 2022. And he has the call sign “Amsterdam”, Zhenya Halych said.

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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