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Hundreds of Ukrainian wives are found in the Russian population

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May24,2024

Hundreds of Ukrainian women are in Russian captivity

Infection in Russian captivity There are 403 Ukrainian women.

Currently informed to the Coordination Headquarters for the supply of military personnel, a lot of them – illegally extinguished civilians.

Also, women, some unknown since 2014, have fallen into obscurity. In terms of numbers, the brutalization of captive wives, the Russian side supports the Movchanka and ignores all brutalization.

The minds of the morning Ukrainian wives in Russian captivity do not support Tret 2nd Geneva Convention on military service. It is common for women to speak about humiliation, inhumane mental exhaustion, insufficient food, the inability to obtain qualified medical assistance and contact with relatives. Also, the Russians will continue to deny representatives of the International Committee of the Red Cross access to the city of the morning of the population of civilians, of whom the Russian Federation has over 100.

The Ukrainian side has repeatedly warned Russia in the first place Please, please, the representatives of the country- Aggressors are engaged in manipulation, separate from various lists. Aside from this, it is necessary to continue the exchanges unnecessarily and respect the Coordination Headquarters.

It is also stated that women, as well as those who are seriously injured, suffer from important illnesses under international humanitarian law. Completed or repatriated to neutral countries I'm chilling the devil. At this point, official representatives of Russia say that they have not read the international agreements signed by their country and do not intend to abdicate them.

Prepared by: Nina Petrovich

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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