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Teen planning to attack people in synagogue, German police say

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May24,2024

Teenager was going to attack people in synagogue - German police

18-year-old suspect arrested in conspiracy to commit a knife attack on visitors to a synagogue in the city of Heidelberg.

As DW reports, investigators identified him after studying evidence previously received from another suspect.

The teenager is suspected that he planned the attack with a 24-year-old accomplice, whom police detained earlier this month after a search of his apartment turned violent, police said.

"In the attack on the synagogue discussed the murder of one or more visitors,” – law enforcement officials said, adding that the accomplices were planning a “martyrdom” in which they would be shot dead by police.

Law enforcement officers searched the home of the senior suspect on May 3 in the town of Bad Friedrichsgall. While officers were in his apartment, the man suddenly fled through the window, taking with him several kitchen knives.

The police caught up with him, but instead of putting the knives on the ground, he threw one of them and ran away officer The police shot the suspect and arrested him.

Forensic examination using IT technologies revealed the connection of the arrested man with an 18-year-old boy who lives in Weinheim, near Heidelberg.

On suspicion of a murder plot, the Karlsruhe prosecutor's office subsequently obtained several arrest warrants for the suspect thanks to his correspondence. Several computer devices and other evidence were seized from his apartment, police note.

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Natasha Kumar

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