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The main Kremlin pensioner took it upon himself to judge the legitimacy of the Ukrainian president

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May24,2024

The main Kremlin pensioner has undertaken to judge the legitimacy of the Ukrainian president

He believes that the legitimacy of the Ukrainian president Vladimir Zelensky is over, and Moscow “realizes” this. and this affects the format of negotiations in the future, Interfax reports.

“We, of course, will need to if it comes to that, but I proceed from the fact that peace negotiations should be resumed and not with the help of ultimatums, but with the help of common sense, and they should be started with common sense – if it comes to that “, of course, you need to understand with whom you can and should deal in order to sign legally binding documents,” said the Kremlin dictator.

He emphasized that “then we must be completely sure that we are dealing with legitimate power.”

“This question must be answered in Ukraine itself, first of all, I think, from the position of the parliament, the Constitutional Court, and some other authorities,” added the Russian dictator. “As far as I know, we need to look at what is written in the Constitution of Ukraine, which government bodies have the right to be extended under the Constitution of Ukraine without elections, without election procedures, and which cannot count on these rights – this can be done on the basis of legal analysis. This is a question for the Ukrainian political and legal system,” he said.

The Kremlin grandfather also once again stated that the resumption of peace negotiations with Ukraine is possible taking into account the current realities “on the ground.”

"Talks have resumed again about the need to return to negotiations. Let them come back. But they return not based on what one side wants, but on the basis of those agreements of a fundamental nature that were reached during difficult negotiations in Belarus and Turkey and based on today’s realities that have developed “on the ground.” We are ready for this,” Putin said.

Prepared by: Nina Petrovich

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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