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Hundreds of Germans staged a public smoking of marijuana at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin

New German law legalizing recreational use of cannabis came into force on April 1.

European Truth writes about this, Politico reports.

At midnight, hundreds of Berliners staged a smoking session at the Brandenburg Gate to publicly use marijuana and celebrate decriminalization.

Germany became the third country in the European Union to legalize the recreational use of cannabis, after Malta in 2021 and Luxembourg in 2023.

Medical associations, police organizations and judges have concerns about the law, arguing that marijuana can have negative effects on the brain, which is still developing before age 25, or that the rules are not clear enough.

The law was part of an agreement reached by the country's three-party coalition government. It allows the possession of cannabis (up to 25 grams) and home cultivation for adults (up to three plants).

German Health Minister Karl Lauterbach wrote on Monday morning on the social network Twitter (X) that cannabis consumption “is now can get out of the taboo zone.” He argued that legalization would help close the black market.

From July 1, special cannabis associations will be able to grow and purchase it in limited quantities. Such clubs can have up to 500 members. Club members will have to reside in Germany for at least six months.

Marijuana consumption remains prohibited within a 100-meter radius around schools, child care centers and playgrounds.

The German government says the new law would promote responsible use of cannabis by providing for limited legal availability with numerous rules and regulations.

There is no consensus in German society on such a move: the latest YouGov poll found that around 47% of respondents partially or fully support it , while 42% – partially or completely rejected.

Meanwhile, the head of Amsterdam, Femke Halsema, previously proposed decriminalizing the sale and use of cocaine and other drugs in the Netherlands, since the fight against drugs is “perverse and counterproductive.”

Prepared by: Nina Petrovich

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