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House of the Dragon season 2: the first opinions are here, the sequel promises to be epic

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun7,2024

The press was able to watch the first episodes of this season 2 of House of the Dragon. Here is their verdict.

House of the Dragon season 2: the first reviews are in, the sequel promises to be epic

The American press gives its opinion on this season 2 of House of the dragon

The appointment is set for June 16. In less than 10 days, Max subscribers will be able to enjoy the second season of House of the Dragon. And for good reason, after a first act necessary to lay the foundations of the plot, this sequel will finally focus on the terrible and bloody civil war that will oppose the green and black camps. HBO promised us more dragons and deadly conflicts, such as the Battle of Rook's Rest for example (images had leaked on this subject). In the middle of a promotional campaign, actors and actresses do not hesitate to raise the temperature. Matt Smith in the lead, the interpreter of Daemon Targaryen teased blood and tears,  “good old Game of Thrones”to use his words. A shared feeling by Emma d'Arcy, his niece and wife Rhaenyra: “grief is the major driving force of this season. For me, it’s up to date. This is the moment when the series really begins to take off. work”.

This season 2 in any case has all the weapons to do even better than the first, very successful. Enough to measure yourself against; the reference and parent series Game of Thrones? We'll find out soon enough.An audience of journalists and lucky people were able to watch the first episodes of this season, which will include eight.And they shared what it was like. their opinion.

The good news, for those who were satisfied with what House of the Dragon offered last time, is that it's the same show as before, even a little better in certain areas. But anyone hoping for a crescendo of the story will be as disappointed as Rhaenyra at her loss of the Iron Throne. »

Rolling Stone

Until’à Currently, season 2 is struggling to improve. escape its own traps. The plot advances. The characters focus on what we already have. seen. New developments on both fronts hardly arouse our curiosity. »


There are times when House of the Dragon gives the impression of simply recounting a period of history rather than telling a story. But overall, we accept the fate of these characters, particularly those with whom we spent time. the most time. Between its political maneuverings, its impressive settings and its endearing main characters, House of the Dragon continues to impress in its second season. »



House of the Dragon season 2: the first reviews are in, the rest promises to be epic

This season is calmer, slower, but just as bloody, and allows the characters of the series to evolve so that their inevitable death has more weight. »

Slant Magazine

A confident and stylish improvement over previous years. the first season, settling into its cast, its characters and its era. It may not yet be a “ adventure » as intense as Game Of Thrones, but the personal and political drama is still strong. »


Season 2 should still keep fans of the books in suspense, changing and rewriting certain aspects, developing controversial events and delving deeper into the psyche of the characters. of our protagonists. The season is full of unexpected twists and turns, including schemes, character pairings, and surprising appearances. It is undeniable that season 2 of House of the Dragon flourishes in a way that Game of Thrones never could. »


House of the Dragon season 2: the first reviews are in, the rest promises to be epic

I can't imagine that season 2 will bring new fans back. House of the Dragon… But those who invest themselves in Westeros will find these same sublime pleasures from the first glance. If you like dragons, battles and acts of brutality? shocking, you will enjoy it. And if you like quiet, whispered conversations in the corridors of the castle, you will have a great time. In short, House of the Dragon is a gift for Game of Thrones fans. »


Even if it looks too similar to Unlike its legendary predecessor, Condal's series is a captivating portrait of the eternal thirst for wealth, pleasure, power and supremacy. »

The Daily Beast

The first half of Season 2's sequel is masterfully handled, taking the time to refamiliarize us not only with the key players, but also with those who will have greater importance in the future. the future. It's a slower film but never boring, action-packed but deep, violent but beautiful. »

Radio Times

If the American press seems unanimous on the fact that House of the Dragon still fails to achieve ;equal to its predecessor Game of Thrones, almost everyone agrees to say that this second act is intended to be in line with the license, juggling between the series; epic sequences and political plots, all within impressive settings, and magnified with stunning visual effects.

Natasha Kumar

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