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Hellfest 2024: this cult metal band absent from the festival will be at Motocultor

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun7,2024

Everyone knows the Hellfest, considered as the reference festival in France for all fans of metal and extreme music >. But we must not forget the competition, which also has strong arguments in its favor. In this case, we are thinking here of the Motocultor, whose 2024 edition will welcome a very popular group.

Hellfest 2024: this cult metal band absent from the festival will be at Motocultor

< h2>the motocultor, a serious competitor at hellfest

On Hitek, we regularly share the latest news with you. of Hellfest, which had an eventful year, between controversies and financial problems. But everything seems to be back in place. in order for the Clisson festival, and the 2024 edition will be held as planned at the end of June. But it's not just the Hellfests that fans of extreme music can enjoy in France. In Carhaix, in Brittany, the Motocultor 2024 will be held in August.From the 15th to the 18th, the metal festival created 17 years ago will welcome more than 100 groups this summer.

As in any festival, the programming is subject to change as the event dictates. cancellations. Recently, it was the excellent Bad Omens which had to play. give up perform at Hellfest, and we explained to you how Why. On the side of Motocultor, several groups have also canceled their passage, upsetting the established program. But replacements have already been provided. Summer found, and it is especially the nu metal and trash metal group Soulfly that we remember.

Hellfest 2024: this cult metal band absent from the festival will be at Motocultor

soulfy, a legendary band of the metal scene

Brazilian group founded in in 1997 and counting more than ten albums to date; its assets, Soulfly's leader is Max Cavalera, a legend of the metal scene. Singer and guitarist, he belonged to several groups, but it is especially renowned for its for having founded the group Sepultura with his brother Igor, in 1984. The group was one of the most emblematic of the trash metal genre, but Max Cavalera decided to create it. to leave it in 1996 following personal disagreements. Since 2022, Soulfly has been defending his albumTotem on stage. Among the emblematic titles of the Brazilian group, Jumpdafuckup, released in 2000, has more than 43 million plays on Spotify. It is at; discover below. Sensitive ears, refrain.

If the exact time remains at the same time, to determine, we already know that Soulfly will perform on the Motocultor stage on Saturday August 17, 2024. The festival says it is enthusiastic about the upcoming event. the idea of ​​welcoming this group whose“the group's first two records are true innovative gems hailed upon their release”.

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