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Mom, I missed the plane: the story of a cult film

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun7,2024

If you remember the movie Home Alone, you probably still have in mind the two bloody idiots who try to rob the McCallister house. And the least we can say is that these two take a beating throughout the film. How much? A doctor analyzed the film to count the number of times Harry and Marvin should have been killed. die in reality.

Home Alone: ​​The Story of a Cult Film

We can thank the site Screenjunkie who had the good idea of ​​having a doctor watch one of the cult films of the 90s again. Home Alonepassed under sieve and all the attacks that Marvin and Harry undergo are listed to evaluate the number of times where the two burglars should have been killed. to give up the soul during the film. The editing is rather clever and takes up the codes of certain video games with the lives scrolling at the top and the areas of the body impacted by Kevin McCallister's traps. For every blow to the head, fall down the stairs or burn, a health check-up is required. is erected. Final result, Marvin should have die 14 times (especially because of the bricks) compared to 9 times for Harry. A very amusing project which allows you to see the lack of realism in certain films.

We tell you let's discover this video.

What is the story of the film?

It's almost the Christmas holidays and the McCallister family is in full preparation, because nothing is needed forget to have the best end-of-year vacation. But when it was time to leave, young Kevin McCallister,aged 8 years old, finds himself alone at home without family since his parents, brothers and sisters, as well as cousins, left without him for Paris. Kevin therefore finds himself alone in the large family house. At first, little Kevin takes advantage of his freedom. eating anything while watching banned films, he does what he wants. But, he will then realize that there are 2 burglars, Harry and Marv who are roaming the neighborhood. The latter decided to to burglarize the McCallister family home. Kevin doesn't give up and how to do it? trap the house.

Who are the burglars?

The two main antagonists of the film are Harry and Marv, 2 clumsy and incompetent burglars. While they had spotted spotted the McCallister house as a target for their next burglary. Their plan will quickly fall apart. water, because little Kevin is doing resistance. Harry and Marv will then be the victims of Kevin's traps, thus giving rise to comical and hilarious scenes that have become essential in Pop Culture.

Who are the actors of Maman j'ai raté the plane ?

The casting of Mom, I missed it! the planeis memorable and he has also contributed to to the success of the film with Macaulay Culkin brilliantly played young Kevin McCallister. While Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern were extraordinary burglars because they were so clumsy, but it wasn't just these actors who played.

  • Macaulay Culkin played Kevin McCallister, but he also played in Mom, I missed it again the plane, the sequel to the first opus.
  • Joe Pesci who played the role of Harry Lime in participate in the filmLes Affranchis released in 1990 as well as the sequel to Mom, I missed the plane.
  • Daniel Stern alias Marvin Merchants, he had already played in The Gang of Four in 1979.

où is the house in the film located?

The house used in the film Mom, I missed it! the planeis located in Winnetka, a small suburban town north of Chicago, Illinois. If you are going to travel to the United States then why not take a trip there especially since it is now possible to spend a night in this emblematic house! To find it, simply go to the Airbnb platform which offers travelers the opportunity to set down their suitcases in the famous residence for only. Be careful that there are no burglars in the area, otherwise you will have to set traps in every corner. In addition, it is possible to taste amenu inspired by from the 90s, and even meet a real tarantula.

On which platform can you watch Mom, I missed this? the plane ?

The film Mom, I missed it The plane is available on the different SVOD platforms on the market. First of all, on Disney+ with the latest remake which takes up the concept of the original film which is a forgotten child; during the Christmas holidays which is delivered à himself and who will have to defend himself against burglars.

It is also available on Netflix at provided you are a subscriber.

How many films are there in the saga?

The saga Mom, I missed it! the planehas no less than 4 films as well as 2 TV films:

  1. Mom, I missed it! the plane releasedin 1990 realizedé by Chris Columbus
  2. Mom, I missed again the plane released in 1992 made by Chris Columbus
  3. Mom, I Take Care of the Bad Guys released in 1997 directed by by Raja Gosnell
  4. Mom, I'm alone against everyone released in 2002 television and directed by Rod Daniel
  5. Mom, the house is hauntedreleased in 2012 à television and directed by Peter Hewitt
  6. Mom, I missed it! the plane (çstarts again) released in 2021 made by Dan Mazer for Disney+

You should also know that the saga also had the right to 3 video game adaptations. Since then, the film has become a classic Christmas movie.

What happened to Macaulay Culkin?

Actor Macaulay Culkin is famous for his role in the cult film Mom, I Missed It! the plane, then he traveled quite a bit. in the world of cinema. Moreover, in 2023, he finally received his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, thus honoring his contribution to cinema.< /p>

It must be remembered that à At the age of 8, he started playing. his acting career appearing in the films Rocket Gibraltar (released in 1988) and Uncle Buck (released in 1989). But, he especially gained his worldwide popularity thanks to his role as Kevin McCallister in the first two films of the series Home Alone! released in 1990 and Home Alone! released in 1992. He was even nominated for the Golden Globe Award for best actor, musical or comedy film. However, he has not only done that, he has also played in other notable films, such as My Girl (released in 1991), The Good Son (released in 1993), The Nutcracker (released in 1993), Getting Even with Dad (released in 1994), The Pagemaster (released in 1994) and Richie Rich (released in 1994).

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