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The famous Ukrainian singer Tina Karol announced the premiere of the author's project on YouTube “Recording House” (“DZZ”). Its name is an allusion to the very place where the songs will be recorded.

They will be recorded directly at the Ukrainian Radio Recording House, which has played iconic Ukrainian songs for more than 50 years. Tanya shared the details on her Instagram page.

A feature of the performer's new show is that the guest star must sing the song chosen for her live and from the first take. After each release of “DZZ”, the recording will be released the next day as a full-fledged single of the artist on all streaming platforms.

Tina Karol considers the main mission of the project to be replenishing the music catalog of Ukraine and giving new life to songs that have been unfairly forgotten. The singer acts in the project both as an interviewer and as a music producer.

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First Ukrainian singer Yulia Sanina, frontwoman of the band The Hardkiss, became the heroine of the “House of Recording” show.

I want to thank Tina, who, in such a difficult time, still does similar projects in order to replenish the treasury of the sound of Ukrainian songs with new renditions. I consider it very valuable that she dared and made such a large-scale, weighty and important project, Sanina noted. success of the hero/heroine.

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