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Rating of the highest paid footballers who play in Europe

Rating of the highest paid football players/TM/IMAGO

The French publication L'Equipe published a list of the highest earnings of football players in the first League, as well as the salaries of players throughout Europe. Read which famous athletes earn the most.

Five English Premier League players are in the top ten of the list, which does not include bonuses included in contracts.

< p>Kilian Mbappeis the highest paid player in the world as the French superstar earns €6 million per month at PSG football club. Mbappe earns twice as much as the second highest paid playerHarry Kanewho earns 2.1 million euros per month at Bayern Munich.

Manchester City duo Kevin de Bruyne and Erling Haaland are third and fourth respectively. Although De Bruyne (€2.02 million per month) has a higher basic salary than Haaland, the Norwegian is known to be Man City's biggest earner thanks to the bonuses he can achieve in his contract.

David Alaba completes the top five, the Austrian player earns 1.88 million euros every month. The main factor behind Alaba's high salary is that he joined Real Madrid on a free transfer from Bayern Munich, so he was offered a huge salary as no fee was required.

Two football stars entered the top ten: Robert Lewandowski and Jude Bellingham, and Manchester United duo Casemiro and Raphael Varane completes the top ten along with Mo Salah from Liverpool.

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